What We Do

We are a full-service video production team. Here are some typical services that we offer (although the list is far from exhaustive).

How Long Does it Take?

Various factors affect the duration of a project including the complexity of the video and intended purpose. We make sure our clients know our process and how long we expect production to take. We’ll also keep you informed as we progress through the stages of production.

1. Initial Contact

Get in touch and we can arrange a convenient time for a meeting. We can discuss ideas and what you are trying to achieve.

If you would like to know more, then we will produce a detailed proposal with an indication of costs. When you’re ready to move ahead then we’ll send you an agreement which details the service that we’ll be offering and what you can expect from our service.

2. Pre-Production

Pre-production is an essential stage of video production. Having a plan often saves time and money later in the process.

A script and/or storyboard may be drawn up. We collaborate with your marketing team to ensure that the tone and message of the video align with your brand. Equipment and personnel hire will be arranged if required. That includes anything from selecting a camera to hiring models, or voice-over artists.

Locations are scouted/hired. If filming is taking place in the client’s workplace, then we’ll also take the time to visit these premises.

3. Production

Production involves the filming and sound recording. We carefully use the plan/storyboard/script that was designed in pre-production to ensure that we follow the brief and proposal.

4. Post-Production

Post-production includes various elements including colour-correction, cleaning up audio, adding music or sound-effects, creating graphics and visual effects. 

This process ensures the video fulfils the proposal and brief that was produced in the earlier stages of production. After this stage that you’ll see the first draft.

5. Amends & Delivery

Once you’ve seen the first draft, you’ll have a chance to share your thoughts with us. We take listen to your feedback and make amendments to the video.

If you’d like to add or change something that is outside the the scope of the original video concept then we can discuss this and amend the proposal accordingly.

Once you’re happy with the final version of your video, we will deliver to you via an online download link in the formats and resolutions that were agreed in pre-production.


Roam Film provides commercial and corporate videography services in London and across the UK.


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