Video Services


The services that we offer can be combined allowing us to produce a variety of videos and media content.

  • Brand and promotional videos
  • Testimonials
  • Event videos
  • Product videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Documentaries
  • Training videos
  • Podcast filming


Interviews are a key component to many videos including brand videos, documentaries, testimonials and explainer videos. Interviews are popular because they give an honest commentary about a business, product or service.

This genuine approach is why corporate videos favour the of use ‘real’ people in video interviews. A real person in front of camera encourages the audience to develop a human, and therefore memorable, connection to the story.

Interviews are occasionally used as a standalone service. However, they are typically supplemented alongside other footage, such as b-roll and archive footage. If interviews are a narrative tool, then b-roll and archive footage is designed to give visual meaning to the words being spoken (and to keep the viewer’s attention!).

Motion Graphics & VFX

Motion graphics and visual effects are animations that give the impression of movement. They have become a popular choice for creating a professional appearance to any video production.

Motion graphics can be used to supplement video content. They can also be used as a standalone service to promote a business, event or service.

The start and end of a video are arguably the two most important parts for hooking your audience and leaving them with a lasting impression. That’s why the intro and outro of many videos regularly feature motion graphics in the form of animated logos and call to actions. Other common uses for motion graphics are for lower thirds, call out titles and animated icons. 

Event & Documentary

Event and documentary filming involves capturing the energy of a live event or real life situation. They allow viewers to experience the emotions that individuals felt at the time.

Event videos are a promotional tool that can help increase participation in future events. They can also raise awareness for a business, service or cause.

Some event videos also feature the inclusion of Vox Pops. Vox Pops are short, informal interviews that are conducted at events. They normally act as a review of the event and highlight the positive experiences of the attendees.

Green Screen

Green screen filming, also known as chroma keying, involves filming a subject in front of a coloured backgrop, which is later substituted for a different background in post-production.

Green screening can be used for creative purposes, or film scenes that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. It can also be used to save time, money and resources.


Post-production involves various the processes including editing, audio, colour correction, grading, music selection, selecting archive footage, and motion graphics.

These processes help transform the raw ingredients, including footage and audio recordings, into a polished final video.

Post-production is normally included as part of the overall production of a video. However, we also offer standalone post-production services. This service involves taking footage and audio that has been recorded by a 3rd party and editing the recordings into a finished video.    

Production Process

  • Initial Contact

    Get in touch and we can arrange a convenient time to discuss your idea or project. If the project is relatively straightforward, we can provide you with a quote on the same day.

    If you are planning a more sophisticated project, then we will produce a proposal outlining our ideas and how you can expect production to work.

    When you’re ready to get started then we’ll send you an agreement which gives details what you can expect from our service and how long we expect things to take.

  • Pre-Production

    Pre-production involves creating and executing an actionable plan. 

    Pre-production can be as simple as a brief exchange of emails, which confirms the key details.

    For larger projects you can expect a more detailed plan that includes details about the script, storyboard. time-frames, location choices, personnel and equipment hire.

  • Production

    Production involves the execution of the plan that was created in pre-production and filming takes place on location.

    The production and post-production are typically combined for motion graphics projects. 

  • Post-Production

    There are many different processes in post-production. These processes include colour-correction, audio mixing, music selection, sound-effects, motion graphics and visual effects. 

    Once the footage has been edited, we will deliver the first draft to you.

  • Amends & Delivery

    Once you’ve seen the first draft, you’ll have a chance to share your thoughts with us. We take listen to your feedback and make amendments to the video.

    Once you’re happy with the final version of your video, we will deliver to you via an online download link.


Roam Film provides commercial and corporate videography services in London and across the UK.



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