Secret Spa offers mobile health and beauty treatments to customers and their brief was to document therapists following health and safety guidance whilst delivering these treatments inside their customers’ homes.

Secret Spa’s brief was to create images that emphasised the use of face marks, visors, social distancing and the application of various disinfecting sprays and gels. Coincidentally, the individuals behind the camera were both documenting and practising the health and safety guidelines outlined above. 

Stylistically the images needed to be in keeping with the existing visual content on Secret Spa’s website and social media platforms. The images needed to be bright, clean and natural. Each image made use of 1 or 2 wireless flash units.

Every image used a flash unit, shooting through a softbox to produce an soft and natural light on the the model(s). In wider shots, such as the hairdressing scene and the pedicure scene, a 2nd flash unit was bounced into the ceiling to create a soft light that helped balance the background exposure. 

This project demonstrates Secret Spa’s commitment to Coronavirus guidelines, which will improve customer confidence and shows that Secret Spa are a caring and conscientious brand. If you would like guidance on imagery that shows your business practising health and safety guidelines, then get in touch and we will be happy to help.