Dorian Yates is the most successful British bodybuilder in history. Dorian won Mr. Olympia 6 times between 1992 and 1997 (for reference Arnold Schwarzenegger won 7 times). He put his success down to short, but incredibly intense sessions of exercise with regular rest periods to allow for recovery.


Nautilus is a fitness brand that produces exercise equipment, specifically fixed-weight resistance machines. Dorian used Nautilus’ fixed weight machines throughout his career and found that they reduced the chance of injury. He also found that fixed weight machines, such as the Nautilus pullover, were able to target specific muscle groups more effectively than free weight exercise.


Dorian has since retired from bodybuilding, but still acts as an advocate of his training approach and the Nautilus equipment. Recently, Nautilus officially partnered with Dorian to promote their fixed weight machines. This partnership included the release of a web series based on interviews and discussions that Nautilus had with Dorian.

Editing Only

Dorian is based in Spain and local videographers were used to film on location. After filming wrapped it was handed over to the marketing team at Nautilus who would then manage the editing and release of the final videos.

Nautilus approached Roam Film work on the post-production alongside their marketing team. Post-production included various elements such as editing, sound, music, animated titles and the sourcing of archive footage and images. In total we delivered 28 videos consisting of 11 interview videos, 2 exercise training videos and 15 social media teasers.

Video Statistics

As of January 2021.