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Across Dorset, Hampshire & the UK

Interior & Architectural Imagery

Photography & videography for rental apartments, holiday properties, hotels, super-yachts, and public spaces across Dorset, Hampshire & the UK.

Photos and videos are an essential element for marketing any property. Professional images dramatically improve how your space is perceived and can result in greater reservations, leads and sales – depending on the nature of your property. My style is bright and natural, and my pictures are designed to draw attention to the outstanding features that your property has to offer, whilst giving the viewer a true representation of what the property will look like in reality.

Media Options

Photography is an essential aspect of marketing apartments, homes, hotels, yachts and public spaces. My bright and natural photos will help show of the best features of your space.

Typically, there are 2+ angles captured for bedrooms, kitchens, lounges and bathrooms (or en-suites). Detail shots are also taken to capture decorations, lighting, artwork and other features that are unique to each respective location. Exterior images and public spaces should also be captured if they add to the value of the property.

Promotional videos are an immersive approach to property marketing. Anyone that spends time on Facebook, YouTube or media-rich websites will understand how engaging videos can become.

Promotional videos can vary in length, depending on property type/size and the intended purpose. Hotels & guest-houses may choose to film every bedroom if they are bespoke. However, if bedrooms are fairly similar in appearance then a few rooms can be filmed to represent the accommodation as a whole. Videography can also be narrative. Options to film local landscape and activities can be edited seamlessly into promotional videos to demonstrate the locations wider appeal.

Aerial photographs and video footage can be captured by UAVs (more commonly referred to as drones) and edited into promotional videos or included with stills captured on the ground.

Aerial footage should only be used in certain situations. Some of these situations are dictated by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), which has guidelines on the safe use of UAVs. From a visual perspective, the best use of aerial footage and photos is to capture properties based on picturesque plots, or to capture nearby scenery, which adds to its overall appeal.


If you would like to find out more about property photography or videography, please fill in the form below for more information. Please include the property location, size and number of bedrooms for an initial quote.