Corporate Photography & Videography

across Dorset, London & the UK

A Contemporary Approach to Corporate Imagery

I take a contemporary approach to corporate photography and video production. That means my visuals and my demeanour are relaxed, yet professional. We are living in a world, which is increasingly saturated with photos and video. Therefore, my aim is to produce engaging and attractive imagery, which doesn’t have a rigid and “overly-corporate” appearance. 

Promotional Videos

Whether you are are offering a product or service, a promotional video will help explain what you are offering in short, concise and engaging way.

Portraiture / HeadShots

Headshots & portraits help place a name to a face on websites, email signatures and elsewhere. I specialise in environmental style, which typically involves non-studio photos (i.e. in the natural work environment).

Brand Culture & PR

Positive imagery of your work-space and work-force can influence the perception of your business by clients, suppliers, future applicants and the general public. 

Client Testimonials

Positive reviews from existing and past customers instils confidence in potential future clients. Professionally produced videos are an engaging medium for sharing these testimonials.

Website & Digital Marketing

Digital and social media marketing can include any variety of imargery. Composition is important to consider if images are used as banners or platforms, such as Instagram, which don’t use standard aspect ratios.

Offline Marketing Materials

High quality photographs can be used for print e.g. brochures, catalogues, flyers, publications, welcome packs and business cards. 

Cold Banana Studios

Client: Cold Banana Studios
Media: Photography & .GIF (repeating slide animation)
Style: Portraiture & Brand Culture

ABT Habit Journal

Client: The Habit Journal
Media: Videography & Text Animation
Style: Promotional

Taylor Property Group

Client: Taylor Property Group
Media: Photography
Style: Portraiture & Brand Culture


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