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Mr. Olympia Web Series & Post Production

Dorian Yates

Dorian Yates is the most successful British bodybuilder in history. Dorian won Mr. Olympia 6 times between 1992 and 1997 (for reference Arnold Schwarzenegger won 7 times). He put his success down to short, but incredibly intense sessions of exercise with regular rest periods to allow for recovery.


Nautilus is a fitness brand that produces exercise equipment, specifically fixed-weight resistance machines. Dorian used Nautilus’ fixed weight machines throughout his career and found that they reduced the chance of injury. He also found that fixed weight machines, such as the Nautilus pullover, were able to target specific muscle groups more effectively than free weight exercise.


Dorian has since retired from bodybuilding, but still acts as an advocate of his training approach and the Nautilus equipment. Recently, Nautilus officially partnered with Dorian to promote their fixed weight machines. This partnership included the release of a web series based on interviews and discussions that Nautilus had with Dorian.

Editing Only

Dorian is based in Spain and local videographers were used to film on location. After filming wrapped it was handed over to the marketing team at Nautilus who would then manage the editing and release of the final videos.

Nautilus approached us to work on the post-production alongside their marketing team. Post-production included various elements such as editing, sound, music, animated titles and the sourcing of archive footage and images. In total we delivered 28 videos consisting of 11 interview videos, 2 exercise training videos and 15 social media teasers.

Nautilus Web Series

Dorian Yates’ Training Split

Social Media Teaser

Dorian’s Favourite Exercises

4 Video SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Google Ranking in London

Video SEO is one of the best marketing tools that businesses can implement. If you’re in an SEO-competitive market or area, such as London, then using video can improve your Google search engine ranking.

Companies have been using “conventional” search engine optimisation for over 20 years to improve visibility in search engines such as Google and Bing. SEO experts Moz estimated that Google’s first page captures 71% of all clicks. The effectiveness of SEO has led to an incredibly competitive market and Forbes believes that the SEO industry will exceed $80 billion in 2019.

Modern businesses are now finding new ways to compete in an increasingly competitive SEO market. Long-tail search terms have become increasingly popular in the digital marketing game. Long-tail search terms involves optimising for niche keywords and longer phrases in search engines.

Another method (and the subject of this article) is video SEO! So without further adieu, here are 4 ways that you can use video SEO to get to the top of Google and YouTube…

1. Use videos – that’s right! Simply using videos on your website will improve the ranking of your existing webpages. Google may also offer video results amongst traditional text-based search results. As you’ll see below, the video links have been ranked below paid adverts and above traditional search results.

2. Upload to YouTube – YouTube was bought by Google in 2006. Therefore YouTube videos are favoured by Google and often rank higher than videos hosted on Vimeo, Wistia or other media hosting platforms. Essentially, Google awards websites that have YouTube videos embeds. It also favours YouTube videos in the video tab section that is visible at the top of Google.

Using the search “Video SEO London” you can see that all but one result is a link to YouTube. The only result that is not a YouTube link is a webpage featuring embedded YouTube videos.


3. Write an SEO description – if you already have an SEO expert, or a savvy copywriter, then this will be an easy step in improving your video rankings. Google and YouTube will both “crawl” the description that features on your YouTube video. Writing 400-600 words and using a multitude of relevant keywords is a good place to start. If your video includes narration, interviews, or dialogue, you can take a short cut and simply write a transcript.

4. Create compelling content – a well produced video is self-serving. Engaging, professionally made videos that answer the viewers questions will achieve greater views and longer viewing times. As a result, YouTube and Google’s algorithms will improve the ranking of that video, thus making the video more visible in searches… and the cycle continues.

Videos should be an essential part of any marketing strategy. Not only are they an effective way to advertise your business, but they also help bump you up the search engine rankings.

Video SEO is part of our holistic approach we offer our clients in London and Bournemouth. If you’d like to know more about our video production services, then get in touch.


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